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Health benefits of drinking Hydrogen Water

 Drinking hydrogen water is useful and highly recommended for health benefits. Molecular hydrogen is extremely unique, as it has the ability to make positive changes in the cellular level. The latest research of scientists in this area have shown that molecular hydrogen  is an excellent antioxidant, helping to ease the burden of the immune system. Due to its small size, molecular hydrogen can easily and quickly reach all the cells of our body, inside of brain and deep organ tissues, even when blood vessels are blocked, for process of antioxidant (only hydrogen can pass through cell membranes to eliminate free radicals created within cells.) Molecular hydrogen does reconstruction work in places where other antioxidants can not reach due to a larger size.

Hydrogen (H2) was approved as food additives by FDA of United States at 21CFR 170.36.

Studies of the Japanese professor at the University of Hatay Gyazuki “Shitama” showed that by drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water hydrogen a day has same antioxidant effect as the consumption of 756 bananas, 516 apples or 38 carrots. Research is based with only 0,55 ppm (parts per billion) hydrogen content.

In addition to antioxidant properties, molecular hydrogen also has anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic and cytoprotective properties. Drinking hydrogen water is excellent for detoxification, due to the high hydrogen permeability and solubility. It helps dissolve and flush out acid solid waste and toxins accumulated in the body. All Studies and latest researches on health improvements of molecular hydrogen and hydrogen rich water are HERE.  

Japanese Scientists proved and reported high improvement in symptoms of following disease after drinking hydrogen rich water:

 Digestive Diseases – 91 %                           

 Allergy – 99 %

Skin Diseases – 96 %

Respiratory Organic Diseases – 89 %

Diabetes – 88 %

Osteoarthritis – 87 %

Neurological System – 59 %                                                                                                                                        


Why is it healthy to drink Hydrogen Water?




  • Because of the high levels of hydrogen, a chemical which are known to suppress the reactive oxygen species in the body, promotes the anti-aging properties of the body.
  • Drinking water that contains of high-level of hydrogen is the most effective way to intake hydrogen inside the body. Also, the hydrogen present in the water is proven to increase the hydration levels that are proven to satiate your thirst by six times more than tap water.
  • Hydrogen water can improve the absorption of supplements taken inside the body. It can also absorb the nutrients from food much better that regular tap water.
  • It can help lubricate the body joints and muscles. Hydrogen rich water provides around 70% lubrication to the joints and muscles.
  • Hydrogen water can help the brain to perform better. Our brains cannot fully use its full potential without proper hydration.
  • It can help remove the impurities inside your body. It can also improve the quality of you cells and organs.
  • Drinking hydrogen water can help regulate your blood pressure to maintain optimum performance.
  • It reduces the symptoms of some chronic illness known to attack the body. It can also help prevent the onset of symptoms of arthritis and reduces headaches.
  • It hydrates the skin. Dehydration can make the skin flaky and sag in time. Proper hydration is needed to maintain skin quality. By drinking hydrogen rich water, it can help hydrate your body better than regular water.
  • It reduces the damage taken from the sun and wind, It also helps hydrate hair follicles.

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