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Miracle Water and its connection with Molecular Hydrogen.

“Miracle healing water” has been found in nature at only a few specific locations throughout the world. These so called “miracle healing” water sources have been discovered in France, Mexico, Germany and India and other countries. Large numbers of people from all over the world wait in line almost every hour of every day to obtain some of this “magical healing water” and experience the healing miraculous effect.

It has also been discovered that the documented “healing” or “curative” waters contain dissolved hydrogen gas. The existence of molecular hydrogen in these springs is a result of water reacting with alkali-earth metals, or from molecular hydrogen gas-producing bacteria and algae.


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Why are they called miracle healing waters and

What major element is contained in this water?

Renowned Scientist Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata (Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University, Japan) has studied water from those four regions and found out that these miracle healing waters, all contain molecular hydrogen (H2).

The researchers measured the molecular hydrogen in miracle healing waters from different places and found that the concentration of H2 is up to 0,08 ppm (parts per million). Miracle healing waters all contain Active Hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) and Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in water, 200~300 times higher than normal tap water.

It was proved that essence of miracle well is Hydrogen. 

      Molecular Hydrogen concentration: 

      Lourdes fountain: 0,08 ppm

      Tlacote fountain: 0,042 ppm

       Nordenau fountain: 0,02 ppm

       Nadana fountain: 0,018 ppm

       H2 WATER MAKERS/MACHINES: 0.3 ppm up to 1,4 ppm

Innovative portable  hydrogen water makers had been developed and manufactured in Japan and Korea to imitate those miracle waters  for personal use.

0.3 ppm up to 1,4 ppm is the concentration of molecular hydrogen produced by hydrogen water makers which means this water has very high healing and therapeutic effect.


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